Increase Dealership Quality Leads up to 10X on Facebook and Instagram

Gail Rubinstein Automotive Business Ops Expert Presents… 

10X Your Dealerships Facebook and Instagram Leads! 

My proven formula to help you discover, learn and execute a solid strategy to increase leads, sell more cars, make more money and help customers using Facebook and Instagram 

(even if you already post photos and videos and think that’s all you need, you already have an internet manager, or you think “I got this” what else could there really be?) 


(limited seating – only 100 spots for each webinar) 


Presented by: 

Gail Rubinstein 

Founder of I AMM RETAIL RESILIENT 20 Years in Automotive Retail 

During this Training I’ll Reveal… 

  • How Facebook and Instagram can generate you more leads than any other source
  • How important it is to have a cutting edge step by step Facebook and Instagram process that works for other retail business operators
  • How spending your money on lead magnets instead of spending thousands on advertising price and payments will deliver you more satisfied customers than ever before!
  • Why the advice that other “gurus” gave you might be keeping you stuck from your dealership achieving it’s sales and marketing potential 

It is TIME to get up, stand up, jump around a bit and take the first steps towards cutting edge changes!


(limited seating – only 100 spots for each webinar) 

"Gail is an amazing performance coach! She has worked with me to help me grow my business and better understand the intricacies of pre-owned vehicle marketing. She is always a pleasure to deal with, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their process, sell more cars and make more money."  

Patrick Regan Pre-Owned Manager, Palladino Honda  

“Gail has been working with our store for approx. three years. In this time our used car department has had a full 360 turn around; the 90 day units are minimal; inventory turnaround is much better and last but not least the used car manager is much more aware and on top of his department. Glad we have Gail to help us!”  

Paul Ebbs General Manager, Schwab Chevrolet, Leduc Alberta CANADA  

“Gail has been our Performance Manager for several years when I was responsible for the online component for the Hyatt Automotive Group. She was instrumental in driving us forward. She helped us build the processes that laid the foundation for our success, which in turn improved our financial situation. Gail helped our team members get better at their job in every way!"  

Stuart Kasperski Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Downtown

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You will soon create your own following of clients using your gifts and talents 

I am so excited for you to start!

(limited seating – only 100 spots for each webinar)